AWANA: WEDNESDAYS, 6:00 - 7:30 pm


  * for those unable to attend, the recording of the service is available on the "Weekly Sermons" page



Pastor Rodney L. Carlson

Welcome to the Evangelical Free Church of Windsor and thanks for visiting our website. We hope you find information here that will answer some of your questions, stimulate your interest, and encourage you to come visit us. We would love to have you worship with us!

Some people see our name and wonder who and what we are. Many people find it difficult to even pronounce the word "evangelical." In this era when it is increasingly popular for churches to give their groups names reflecting more "politically correct" ideas, we have chosen to keep the name that reflects who we are. We are "evangelical." That means we believe we have good news to share with a culture that has in many ways lost its direction in the modern world. We believe God has given us His direction for men, women, boys, and girls through the written word of God, The Bible. We are committed to its teaching and worshiping the one who has given it to us.

We are a Christ-centered church. That means that Jesus Christ, the Son of God, is the focus of all we do as a church group. God has given us His Son so we might know Him in a complete and loving way.

We are rooted in the Word of God. As I have said, we believe that God has given us His direction through His written Word. The Bible is our authority. Throughout its pages we find a story, the greatest story ever told, a story of God's love.

We are a church that is committed to prayer and caring for one another. God has allowed us the privilege of communicating with Him through prayer. We grow through our relationship with Him. Prayer is a means of worship and praise, but it is also an avenue through which God hears our concerns. He cares what happens to each one of us. He often allows us to be His ministry tools for service to others. We care for each other because we know God cares for us.

We are committed to sharing the Good News. God has changed our lives. We want to share that with others.

We would love to have you contact us or simply come and see what we are all about. Our God is awesome and we would love to be able to share Him with you and introduce you to His Son.



Pastor Rod